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We have the largest portfolio for investors who want to invest in Turkey.

Do you want to make Energy Investments? Then you have come to the right address, because there is a wide variety of options in different regions.
We can always send PDF presentations on request. But first, you should always request this in writing. You must also provide information about yourself as an investor in this request letter.
However, if you are a brokerage firm, you must provide information about the investor.

Please always send request by e-mail, also we are waiting for a short message by whatsapp.

Some of these are advertised on this website, but most of them are strictly confidential as they are OFF-Market.

Below you can find a short list of possibilities. This is only 20 of the more than 300 possibilities.

Request and Information Letter
Company name
Proof of Finance or Your Budget
+32 468145391 (Whatsapp)
+31 627271323 (Whatsapp)

Hotel  2021.BG100010 251 Rooms 5 * Resort Hotel 20.000.000,00 EUR
Hotel  2021.BG100041 98 Rooms Special Class Hotel 65.000.000,00 EUR
Hotel 2021.BG100054 25 Rooms Boutique Hotel (Expansion possible to 39 rooms) 1.600.000,00 USD
Hotel  2021.BG100101 291 Rooms 5 * City Hotel 185.000.000,00 USD
Hotel  2021.BG100107 210 Rooms 5 * City Hotel 230.000.000,00 USD
Hotel  2021.BG100102 186 Rooms 5 * City Hotel 600.000.000,00 USD
Hotel  2021.BG100144 670 Rooms 5 * Resort Hotel  N / A USD
Hotel  2021.BG100146 584 Rooms 5 * Resort Hotel  N / A USD
Shopping Mall + Building 2021.BG100100   125.000.000,00 USD
Shopping Mall 2021.BG100105   175.000.000,00 USD
Hospital Building 2021.BG100119 Under Construction 25.000 m2 … Shell & Core..  35.000.000,00 USD
Commercial Unit 2021.BG100165 678 m2 Rental income 8.500.000,00 TL
Marina 2021.BG100030 Capacity: 350 Boats (Poss. to increase capacity) 22.000.000,00 USD
Geothermal Energy Plant Project 2021.BG100018 100 MW 280.000.000,00 USD
Wind Power Energy Plant 2021.BG100019 82 MW 110.000.000,00 EUR
Construction Plot/Land 2021.BG100012 66000 M2.. Unique location…  125.000.000,00 USD
Tourism plot 2021.BG100160 345.000 m2 N/A USD
Hotel 2021.BG100115 23 Rooms 2* Hotel 1.350.000,00 EUR
Hotel  2021.BG100059 80 Rooms 3 * Luxury Hotel.. Very nice hotel 4.000.000,00 EUR
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